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Decor & Styling Services

Decor & Styling Services


Decor & Styling Service

Decor & Styling Services is for the person who knows how to put a design together, but needs help finding the items they want. Or they’ve found all the furniture and accessories of their dreams, but can’t seem to find the right place for it all. Whatever the issue may be, you don’t need full service design and we can help you.

E-Designology Service

With our E-Designology we are here to help everyone from Santa Barbara to North Carolina and every where in-between. We can assist you with anything from furnishing selections to the remodel/construction of your home.

E-Designology might be right for you if:

  • You have a design concept in mind

  • You can communicate clearly

  • And you have the time and ability to manage your own project in coordination with your contractor

Please note that all E-Designology is done via email so we can effectively communicate with you about your design, space and budget without any part of the process getting lost in translation.

Visit our MEASURING GUIDE to figure out what measurements might be needed of your space.